Recruiting for IT & AV Professionals

We see personnel as one of the most important issues of all and we take the search seriously. With the help of software-supported recruiting and completely digitized application processes, we can search more than 150 channels across Austria, DACH region and Europe in a time-efficient and accurate manner.

Essential IT support staff or mission-leading IT-Executive headhunting, we'll find the right personnel for your short- or long-term requirements.

Recruitment Software | Over 150 channels for recruiting
Digital Application Process (DAP | Completely digitized application processes
International Talent Network | Recruiting network including assessment

Your benefits on Service Integration

Achieve more with less. Discover the advantages of a lean organization and more
time for the essentials
through service integration from AVITIS.
Increasing competition between vendors to reduce costs and increase quality.
The necessary flexibility for adjustments and a quick response to changing demands..
Simple and uncomplicated procurement of additional resources as required without long-term commitment.
Extension of your service portfolio or for short-term support or adaptive relief of your organization.
Use of experienced specialists, proven niche experts or other individual strengths that will benefit you.
Implementation of a leaner organization - which can focus on your architecture, relationships, strategies and governance.

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