IT Service Management for midsize and industrial companies

Many well-known and internationally active customers already trust AVITIS in the provision of IT service management tasks in Austria and throughout Europe.

In classic IT support, network, service desk, field support or in IT service management, we have already been able to contribute to the success of several projects. As a service partner, we complement companies and teams.

Fulfillment | Fulfillment of parts or whole areas of an SLA in 14 countries
Delivery | Infrastructure, staff and external partners
Dispatch | Permanently on-site or on a dispatch basis

Your benefits on Service Integration

Achieve more with less. Discover the advantages of a lean organization and more
time for the essentials
through service integration from AVITIS.
Increasing competition between vendors to reduce costs and increase quality.
The necessary flexibility for adjustments and a quick response to changing demands..
Simple and uncomplicated procurement of additional resources as required without long-term commitment.
Extension of your service portfolio or for short-term support or adaptive relief of your organization.
Use of experienced specialists, proven niche experts or other individual strengths that will benefit you.
Implementation of a leaner organization - which can focus on your architecture, relationships, strategies and governance.

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